Last Fantasy 14 New Year Event Now Live, New Patch Coming Soon

Last Fantasy 14 New Year Event Now Live, New Patch Coming Soon

Jun 17 gameaddict  
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Following the Christmas-themed Starlight Celebration, Final Fantasy XIV’s yearly Heavensturn New Year occasion is back again on PS4 and PC. The celebrations are in progress from now through to January 15, giving players up to that point to go up against regular journeys and acquire some New Year equip.

To take an interest in the Heavensturn occasion, you’ll need a character that is at any rate level 15, at that point address the Inoshishi Bugyo, who can be found in the upper decks of Limsa Lominsa. It shows up the inhabitants of the city are unconscious of the celebration, so you’ll have to enable him to scrounge up some intrigue and move his rice cakes.

Subsequent to finishing the occasion journey you’ll have the capacity to gain two unique styles of the Inoshishi Kabuto protective cap, which includes a cute piglet sitting on top to remember the Year of the Pig. You can likewise get another regular household item for your home: the Boar’s Head Kadomatsu. Certain things from past Heavensturn occasions can be obtained from the regular shop

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